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Too Many Passwords – Update

Whoohoo! It’s almost 10 years later and password management apps are de rigueur. Since that post way back in 2012, not only are there multiple ways to save passwords including in your browser (which I would not recommend) there are passwords needed for absolutely everything.

Right now I have more than 500 passwords stored in my password manager. And have just added the “family” feature so passwords that should be shared don’t end up in someone’s notebook on or a post-it note stuck to their computer.

Here’s what I was thinking back then.



Too many passwords

The first time I accessed the blog admin page, I got rejected because the user name and password were incorrect. This week I have had to create six — no eight — new passwords for new accounts, password expirations and file security. The day can’t come fast enough when I can use my thumbprint or retinal scan instead of a mishmash of numbers, letters and symbols.