Too many passwords

The first time I accessed the blog admin page, I got rejected because the user name and password were incorrect. This week I have had to create six — no eight — new passwords for new accounts, password expirations and file security. The day can’t come fast enough when I can use my thumbprint or retinal scan instead of a mishmash of numbers, letters and symbols.


4 thoughts on “Too many passwords

  1. Evelyn

    I completely agree! Way too many passwords! And, they have to keep getting more and more complicated to keep hackers at bay…first we only needed 4 to 8 digits and it was just fine to have it be an actual word (and all in lowercase). Now, it is a minimum of 8 digits and MUST be at least 1 uppercase, 1 number, and 1 other approved character!

  2. cmeyers Post author

    You know, Evelyn, there are sites where you can store all your passwords online and have a master password that works for everything. Kind of like Keychain for the Mac. But what’s to say that those passwords are safe if even our credit card records are getting hacked?

  3. Mary

    I hate passwords. There is nothing in the bank account. So go head and hack it and maybe you’ll get five bucks. My password list is sitting right next to my computer so I can find it and hope to remember it long enough to type it in. That is if I can get my fingers to hit the correct keys.


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