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Mystery Science Theater 3000 for cooking shows

I’m ready to start a new project. It will be along the lines of the old Mystery Science Theater 3000 TV shows, you remember the ones, where silhouettes of  Mike and his two robots who are stranded in space are forced to watch cheesy movies and comment on them in highly humorous ways.

Well, my take is to watch cooking shows and comment on the progress of the recipes.

“That can’t be at tablespoon full, looks more like a quarter of a cup!”

“He added more salt? I’d hate to be the crew member who gets to eat this meal after the show.”

“Where does she get that garlic? It’s amazingly juicy and perfectly plump. Mine are always hard and gnarly and have brown spots.”

And so on. Hilarity will ensue. Well, maybe on paper anyway.


Vegan (cringe)

Vegan foodVee-gan or veg-an. It’s veg-itable and veg-itarian. But without the “i” it becomes vee-gan with a hard “g”.

No matter how it’s pronounced though the meaning is clear: no animal products of any kind in the diet. I’ve read where some folks won’t even eat honey.

Along with the vegan diet often comes the vegan attitude. The curled lip at meat eaters. The querulous tone, “What’s in this?” The lofty sense of righteousness.

The American diet is tough on a vegan. There’s cheese in everything. And butter and eggs lurk in every recipe.

I know. I was a vegan for a while. But then I took the Dali Lama’s caution to heart (this is my paraphrase): If you are served food in love, accept in love.