Speaking of Dashboards

WordPress calls the overview pane for the application a “dashboard.” Web hosts do too. The idea that an aggregate of reports and choices are displayed on one master screen.

Well, I would wish to extend that concept to the computer in general. To have configured presets of applications and locations that together facilitate completion of a task.

For example, a tool bar or dashboard that has links to all your social media sites so you can move from one to the next posting and commenting. Where you are permanently logged in. Switch that set for one that facilitates prepping photos with applications and folders aggregated in one place. No hunting and searching.

You would be able to create as many sets of files, folders, applications and sites as would fulfill a particular task or need. And switch from set to set as your work flow required.

There must be something like this out there. If I can imagine it, then it has been imagined.

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