The place where it happened was a kind of old barn or clubhouse. A two-story building with a balcony around the inside. All the old crowd were there. Folks from business and school, some relatives. There were all engaged in some kind of cooperative activity — like preparing for an upcoming event.

Someone said something to me and I became aware that all eyes were upon me. I knew I could do it, I just needed to concentrate—but not too hard.

I lay down on the table, or maybe it was the floor, and emptied my mind of heaviness and filled it with lightness. Gently I floated up onto the air. Once aloft, the delicate buoyant feelings grew and swelled and I rose up to the balcony.

I looked down on upturned wide-eyed faces. All were amazed.

(If you are inspired to add to this fragment and move this story forward, use the comment section below!)


Old Barn – ID 149131661 © Jndphoto | Dreamstime.com


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