Thoughts while mowing the lawn

Lawn Mower


Mowing the lawn, like doing the dishes or weeding is the kind of activity that sets the mind free to think about anything that pops up. Today’s lawn mowing subject was why running for public office has boiled down how much money the candidate has at his disposal.

Sweating back and forth, back and forth, I wondered how we have come to the point where public service does not seem to be a calling but rather a job. It occurs to me that it has to do with where our culture is at the present time. All our thoughts are focused on money. The machinations of the stock market. Ponzi schemes. IRA depreciation. Euro drama. Bank finance. Costs for gas, insurance. Lack of jobs.

Is it any wonder that “more money” is the leitmotif of Americans and consequently that of the aspiring leaders of the country?