January 5, 2000

Jordan Rudess, who was Richard's next-door neighbor, is a world-class pianist who plays keyboards in the progressive-rock band Dream Theater. One cold day in January 2000, Jordan brought his synth over to RIchard's studio and they jammed for a couple of hours. The pieces in this collection are edited from that session. The music was all freely improvised and played and recorded live with no overdubs; it was the first time Jordan and Richard ever played together. Jordan has generously allowed Richard to make this music available. Thank you, Jordan.

On "Prelude", "Rain", and "Cloud" Richard plays a Deagan "Red Norvo" Model 594 Amplified Vibraharp; on "Prelude", he plays the vibes with a bass bow at times. On "Rain", "Resurrection" and "Bonk" he playa a MalletKat controller triggering an E-Mu E-64 sampler loaded with vibes and marimba samples. On "Ascent", the beginning of "Cloud", and "Night" he playa a Steinberger electric guitar with an E-Bow. Jordan plays a Kurzweil K2600X keyboard throughout.